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the Princess

Jazzy ‘Princess’ Parr

Jasmine was born on 5 February 2003 on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Jazzy is a Professional Australian Muay Thai Fighter and Boxer, fighting out of the renowned Boonchu Gym.

Born into a family of fighters, her father John Wayne Parr is a 10-time Muay Thai & Kickboxing World Champion, and her mother Angela is a 2-time Kickboxing World Champion.

Jasmine took her first steps into combat sports at a young age, stepping into the ring for her initial Muay Thai match at just 8 years old. After briefly diverting her attention to gymnastics, she made a triumphant return to fighting at the age of 11, inspired by UFC Champion Ronda Rousey. While she has a deep-rooted passion for Muay Thai, her greater aspiration is to ascend the ranks in professional boxing.

With more than 30 Muay Thai fights, Jasmine remains undefeated in her professional boxing career with a record of 4-0. Her dedication and prowess were recognized in December 2022 when she secured the distinguished Women’s International Boxing Association world flyweight title.

Fight Name:  “Princess” Jasmine Parr

Age: 20

Weight: 52 kilos

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Jasmine has been fighting since the young age of 8 years old and has been in the sport her whole life.

Being the daughter of 10 time world champion John Wayne Parr and two time world champion Angela Parr it was destiny for Jasmine to be involved in the martial arts industry.